Convert sites to images(β)

Converts the display image of the website to a png image.
Enter the address of the website you want to make an image in site address and click Start capture .
Display the created png format image file.
Depending on the construction of the site, images may not be correctly created.
* Japanese fonts use IPA fonts.
● Disclaimer and notes ●
This site does not use cookies.
When capturing a website, the copyright, design, design, etc. of the website to be captured belong to the website owner.
Regarding the use of website images created on this site, please give top priority to the protection of the website owner's rights.
Site images captured by this site are automatically deleted from the server for a certain period of time.
Although this site provides a service for imaging web sites, this site does not have any rights to images created on this site.
Use of this site is prohibited, and any activity that may cause inconvenience to the web site to be captured is prohibited.
(This site was created for the purpose of capturing the site image as an icon when introducing the created site. If you have similar purposes, please use it freely.)